College of Fashion
Technology & Management (CFTM)
[Affiliated to National University & Bangladesh Technical Education Board]

What would be the CFTM Achievement?

Clothing is just one aspect of fashion and lifestyle. Designers are able to create demands for a whole range of products. Trained designers will not only enlarge the market for clothing but will also generate demand for a whole range of products manufactured indigenously and industrially in Bangladesh. CFTM will turn out designers and merchandisers trained to operate in the global market.

The economic and social impact of the CFTM will go well beyond the RMG sector. By enlarging the market for RMG and by creating demand for other products, it will generate economic growth and social development.

Who benefited?
The applicant through his technical skill.
The RMG sector and all its related industries.
The local textile industry, which is a supplier to the RMG sector.
Rightly designed finished goods of textile sector will find local & international markets.
Leather accessories and trim are highlights in many forms of dress.
The local footwear industry: fashion design and style demands complementing footwear.


CFTM Campus

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Road : 01, Sector : 6
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