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Certificate in Pattern Cutting , Making & Grading

The participants should gain knowledge on different garment components and their inter relationships. They should be able to draw the patterns as per the given specification. The knowledge on size grading is a must. Knowledge on different tools and their uses must be a prime requirement.

The participants have to develop their skills by practice at classroom. They have to improve the drawing skill as much as possible. Understanding measurement charts can be considered as a fundamental skill of a pattern maker. They should learn how to apply the grading rules in grading. The ultimate goal is the ability to make any pattern learned during the course. They should be able to make patterns to any given measurement chart. The course uses the scientific methods in developing patterns rather that using tailor system.

Right first time is the expected attitude from anybody passing out from this course. The patterns made should comply with the best fit requirements. The created patterns should be support the bulk production methods. The participants should have thought of better pattern engineering while making the patterns.

Admission Eligibility:
Minimum HSC pass + experience in Garment Sector is preferable or Graduate from any discipline.

Fees :
1. Admission Fees : Tk.3000
2. Tuition Fees : Tk. 25000
Total Fees Tk. : 28,000, Payment System with two equal installments.

Syllabus & Evaluation Method:
1. Introduction.
2. Basic block – ‘T' shirt.
3. Basic block – Bodice.
4. Basic block – Skirt.
5. Basic block – Trouser.
6. Basic block – Shirt.
7. Different types of variations.
Course Details:
What is pattern, Pattern making tools, Different types of pattern, Pattern making technique, Fabric terms, Pattern grain line, Measurement of basic dress form
Basic Block Making
• ‘T' Shirt block making procedure
• Standard measurement chart
• Pattern Grain line
• Fabric Grain line
Review of ‘T' shirt block
• Basic sleeve block
• Seam allowance add
• Pattern cutting procedure
• How to trace the pattern
• Pattern grading procedure
• Fabric cutting procedure from pattern
• Seam allowance add
Basic bodice block on paper
• Transfer pattern from paper to fabric
• Basic sleeve block
• Dart manipulations
• Symmetric and asymmetric design
• Seam allowance add
• Working pattern making

Basic Skirt Block on paper & Fabric
• Fullness and Gathers
• How to trace the pattern
• Seam allowance add
• Grading the pattern
• Basic sleeve block making
• Variations of sleeve
• Basic collar block
• Seam allowance add
Basic Trouser Block
• Seam allowance add
• Measurement check
• Grading procedure
• Basic Shirt Block on paper
• Basic shirt sleeve making
• Cuff and collar making
• Seam allowance add
‘T' Shirt variations
• Bodice variations
• Skirt variations
• Seam allowance add
Trouser variations
• Shirt Variations
• Seam allowance add
• review all topics

Grading Policy:
Number Grade
90 and aboveA+
80- 89 A
70 - 79 B+
60 – 69 B
50 – 59 C
Less than 50 F

Evaluation Method:
Internal Assessment: Practical -200 Marks and Theoretical -50 Marks
Final Assessment: Practical -200 Marks and theoretical -50 Marks

Admission Time: Yearly two intakes – Month of January and - Month of July

Application Procedure :
Application forms are available for Tk. 200 at CFTM, Tropical Rafa Tower, House-02, Road-12, Sector-06, House Building Bus Stand, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.
A complete application includes: i) Application form; ii) Three copy passport size photographs; iii) Clean photocopies of SSC & HSC Mark-sheets;

Final Exam & Certificate:
Final Exam will be conducted by BTEB. Participant need to attend the board final exam in every year last Friday of the month of June and December. Certificate will be issued by BTEB.


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