College of Fashion
Technology & Management (CFTM)
[Affiliated to National University & Bangladesh Technical Education Board]


CFTM conducts consultency on productivity improvement and need-besed training program in different service & manufacturing organization.
In RMG sector, every element of the cost has gone up but FOB price is going down season. Those days are over now to have the luxury of waste in all means!

Example :
Waste of fevric, Excessive manpower, Excessive over time, Poor quality, Excessive machine, Imbalance line, etc. Therefore name of the game is now "Productivity Improvement" by eleminating in all forms.
We will ensure the following outputs from your factory if recommended factors in favor of us.
1. Rate of production will be increased at last 20%.
2. Efficiency Rate will be increased.
3. Cost will be reduced.

Usually, CFTM conducts different training program on

  • Skill Development
  • IT Related Course
  • Managerial Skill Development Program
  • Business Comunication Skill


CFTM Campus

House :32
Road : 01, Sector : 6
House-Building Bus Stand
Uttara, Dhaka

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