College of Fashion
Technology & Management (CFTM)
[Affiliated to National University & Bangladesh Technical Education Board]


1. Work Study & Production Planning.

Knowledge :
Fabric Materials, work Machineries, process theories, capacity charts, manpower calculation, line allocation, balancing, motion study and various parameters for production planning.
Skill :
(i) Work study - time study, method study & motion study.
(ii) Target set-up.
(iii) Drawing proper process chart.
(iv) Pareto chart.
(v) Productitivity improvement techniques.
(vi) Reverse scheduling regard to delivery dates.
Attitude :
(i) Participants attitude towards higher productivity.
(ii) Perticipant think of reducing unnecessary movements all the time.

2. Quality Control Management.

Knowledge :
Participants will learn on textile components, sewing machine machanism and different parts of needle. Participants will be able to identify the different defects on fabric, dying, embroidery, trims & accessories, different sewing defects and different finishing room defects.
Skill :
Participant will be skilled on different quality control system like 10 point system, 6 point system, 4 point system, traffic light system and housekeeping & 5'5 system.
Attitude :
Attitude towards quality cautious. Perticipants keep narrow eye in the floor.

3. Leadership & Social Compliance.

Knowledge :
Participant will understand the importance of leadership, attributes of leadership, significant role of motivation, types of motivation, improtance of communication, diferent barries of comunication, grievance procedure, social compliance standard, C-TPAT & environmental factors.
Skill :
Participant will be able to develop the managerial human skill & conceptual skill as afirst level manager.
Attitude :


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